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[ba-unrev-talk] Knowledge Networks for augmenting creativity

"The developmental theory has got stuck in the last one decade after 
reaching the limits of various models tried in different parts of the 
world. And yet, never before, the pluralism was so high in search of 
solutions. A large variety of civil society initiatives are being taken in 
north and south to try various models of agricultural and rural development 
regardless of ideological boundaries. Despite this positive trend, some 
gaps have remained. I discuss ten gaps in developmental processes that 
Knowledge Centre/Network approach tries to overcome in part one of the 
paper. In part two, I describe the heuristics of innovations in the context 
of local knowledge systems. The recent experience of Honey Bee network, 
SRISTI and GIAN is discussed in Part Three in the context to erosion and 
other threats to local diversity, creativity and knowledge systems. These 
initiatives aim to build upon what poor people are rich in, i.e. their 
knowledge systems and creative spirit. Finally I summarize my arguments and 
suggest that agricultural economists move beyond finding out what went 
wrong, where and why and get involved in building new participatory 
institutions and knowledge networks for generating developmental alternatives."    (01)

More such papers can be found at
http://www.sristi.org/pub.html    (02)

About http://www.sristi.org/    (03)

"SRISTI is a non-governmental organisation setup to strengthen the 
creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in 
conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solutions to local 
problems. Here, on the web site of SRISTI, you can read about its 
activities and participate in them, download its newsletter and research 
papers and much more"    (04)