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[ba-unrev-talk] KM Cluster Bulletin

This bulletin is an update and invitation to the San Francisco Bay Area and
Silicon Valley Knowledge Management (KM) Cluster Spring 2002 Event on
Thursday, March 28, 2002 (new date) in downtown San Francisco.
http://kmcluster.com    (01)

The KM Cluster Spring 2002 Theme is "Collaborative Knowledge Networks."    (02)

Pre-registration is required. Secure, on-line eRegistration is now open:
https://www.kmcluster.com/secureorderform.htm    (03)

Agenda Highlights
*****************    (04)

The following are recent additions to the KM Cluster Spring 2002 Agenda:    (05)

- Robin Athey and Adriaan Jooste of Deloitte Research will present recent
research findings on "Collaborative Knowledge Networks."
http://www.kmcluster.com/CKN.pdf    (06)

- David Gilmour, president and CEO of Tacit Knowledge Systems will lead an
interactive session on "Expertise Automation for the Enterprise."
http://www.tacit.com    (07)

- Kevin Kail of Vitria Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: VITR) will discuss
"Vocabulary-based Approaches to B2B Collaboration." http://vcml.net/    (08)

- Todd Ray of Groove Networks will describe the "The Benefits of
Decentralized Collaboration" to collaborative knowledge networks.
http://www.groove.net    (09)

The KM Cluster is thrilled to be joined by such talented thought leaders,
professionals and architects.    (010)

Collaborative Knowledge Networks
********************************    (011)

Open, secure trans-enterprise collaboration maximizes the sharing,
conversion, creation and fluid (re)use of the tacit, explicit and procedural
knowledge required to improve performance and competitiveness.    (012)

Lasting, measurable benefits of collaborative knowledge networks include:    (013)

- Shorter product development cycles, improved design, faster innovation
- More productive sales processes, faster closes, improved quote-to-cash
- Accelerated time-to-performance for critical knowledge-based offerings
- Expanded eBusiness archetypes and sharply improved value chain teamwork    (014)

Deployments of new collaborative models, technology and organizations are
often challenged. Almost always, the short-term gains are exaggerated and
the long-term benefits are underestimated.    (015)

The Spring 2002 KM Cluster will take a hard look at what works today and
what is on the near horizon for collaborative knowledge networks.    (016)

Implementation of effective organizational foundations and synergistic
technologies will also be examined.    (017)

The goal is to attain a far deeper comprehension of the managerial and
economic logic of collaborative knowledge networks.    (018)

KM Cluster Community Collaboration
**********************************    (019)

The Spring 2002 KM Cluster community uses Groove 1.3 for collaboration.
Features include file sharing, discussion, calendar and chat. Spring 2002
content is available now.    (020)

For an invitation to the "KM Cluster Spring 2002" Shared Space, please send
a message to contact "KMCluster" from Groove.    (021)

If you don't have Groove, you can download it from
http://www.groove.net/downloads/groove. It's free, elegant and powerful.    (022)

Spring 2002 Logistics and Venue
*******************************    (023)

The Spring 2002 KM Cluster gathering will be held Thursday, March 28, 2002.
The location is the San Francisco State University Downtown Campus
Conference Center, Room 304, 3rd Floor, 425 Market Street @ Fremont Street,
San Francisco, CA. The event will be held from 8:30am-5:00pm.
http://www.sfaug.org/meetings/SFSUdirections.html    (024)

Please forward this invitation to colleagues concerned with knowledge
management, collaboration, business communities and elearning.    (025)

To eRegister visit: https://www.kmcluster.com/secureorderform.htm There is a
small fee to cover logistical expenses.    (026)

Related KM Cluster Events
*************************    (027)

The KM Cluster is pleased to recommend the following workshop, "Improving
Business Performance - A Systems Thinking Approach" March 18, 19, 20, 2002,
UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California. This hands-on workshop equips you with a
Systems Thinking framework, language, method and tools for improving the
performance of your organization. It is an excellent follow-on to the Winter
2001 KM Cluster, "Simulation and KM."
http://www.hps-inc.com/Business/ImpBusPerformance.htm    (028)

The KM Cluster is a co-sponsor of "Intranet Content Management: Optimize
Corporate Performance and Facilitate Knowledge Sharing" April 9,10,11, 2002
at the Crown Plaza Hotel, San Francisco, California. Mention KM Cluster and
receive a 10% discount on your registration.
http://www.cmfocus.com/kmcluster.html    (029)

See you March 28th!    (030)

Most sincerely,    (031)

John    (032)

John Maloney
IM: jheuristic    (033)