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Electric Bikes WAS: Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Mess Transit

Note some of the developers names in there. Ford, Lee Iococca,...    (01)

Bigger machines
http://www.electric-bikes.com/motorcys.htm    (02)

Most offer 25-40 mile range on one charge at a speed of 40mph.
Not bad for developments in their infancy.    (03)

Peter    (04)

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> Greetings,
> Thanks for all the excellent posts. Very useful material, links and
> commentary on collaboration and augmentation.
> This post is in response to the remarks on car pool lanes and mass
> in the context of ba-unrev-talk.
> First, I reject the notion that car pool lanes do not serve their
> constituencies. In fact, they are extremely effective!
> First, anyone that thinks the car pool lanes serve the motoring
public, is
> sadly mistaken.
> Car pool lanes serve the "automobile-industrial complex," plain and
> The automobile companies, their lobbyist, the insurance industry, the
> companies, justice systems, construction firms, and the myriad other
> organization that feed this avaricious monster are extremely
> with any strategy, like the dubious car pool lanes, that increases
> growth.
> Jack Nassar noted that for every $1 spent on a new auto, $7-10 are
spent on
> services - insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc. This is big, very big
> business, so watch what you say!
> In the early 1920s, guess who systematically and deliberately
dismantled the
> Philadelphia trolley system? Yep, none other that 'General' Motors.
> To wit, " What's good for the country is good for General Motors, and
> versa." - Charles Wilson (1890-1961), head of GM
> The automobile + insurance + big oil lobbies and their craven
> have a pathological aversion to mass transit.
> In the pre-auto lobby 1860's the Union Railroad and Pacific Railroad
> a continent in 3 YEARS!
> Today, in the SF Bay Area, with florid auto lobbyists, it has taken
> more than 30 to get to the airport! (Still not there yet, of course.)
> was only after major concessions to build MASSIVE car parking
complexes, in
> fact, the largest US public works project in the last 25 years. Go
> Thus, anything that keeps you in the driver's seat is welcome.
> For example, in other countries they have implemented odd/even days to
> ameliorate traffic congestion. Do you think for one second the
> automobile-industrial complex would stand for idling half their cash
cow? No
> way brother! Hmmn, then how to assuage the do-gooders? Ah-ha! Car pool
> will do the trick.
> What does all this have to do with ba-unrev-talk? It is a classic
> that we've all faced:
> Structural or technology changes do NOT solve cultural, political,
> or social issues. Never have, never will. Look at all the
> deployments of collaborative or augmentation processes and
technologies, for
> example.
> The typical Silicon Valley BWM aficionado would rather spend hours
> alone on the 101 corridor, than dare join the great unwashed and step
> terrestrial public transit systems. This is a profound cultural
barrier to
> sustainable transit. Add to this the intractable economic/political
> Curtain" of automobile-industrial domination, and you have the current
> Finally, now that my axe is sufficiently ground, there are many steps
> can be taken to move forward. One, relevant to ba-unrev-talk, is
> action to advance progressive work models. The vast cubicle farms
> with commuting automata, are a staple of perceived managerial
> Adoption of new means of work and interaction have been slower than
> because of hierarchy and empire. Hopefully, ba-unrev-talk will help
> accelerate the move from the mass centralization of work to a more
> and sustainable distributed model.
> Cheers,
> -jtm
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> Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Eric Running for Office
> Yes, it has rail, but it's a long tunnel under a sea lane, so you
> drive cars down there because everyone would asphyxiate.
> And you can ventilate mid-channel without a risk to shipping (ships
> don't float in aerated water).
> So they put the cars on the _electric_ train.
> Of course, you wouldn't need to do that if you had an electric car.
>    (06)