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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Fun article

Henry K van Eyken wrote:    (01)

> Another tiny item that struck me is that I used to believe it is fuzzy logic that
> found application in building washing machines and vacuum cleaners, not chaos
> theory.    (02)

Actually, you are quite correct. Fuzzy logic has been used successfully for
years now in Japan. In addition to fuzzy-logic controlled washing machines
and rice cookers, the acceleration of their high-speed trains is controlled
via fuzzy logic. I'm told that from start to stop, curves and all, you never
need to hold on to a strap.    (03)

Similary, the washing machines determines fabric type by the volume
and weight of the clothes, and the amount of dirt by I don't know what
technique, and then gets the temperature and suds right without ever
having to adjust a knob. Pretty cool stuff.    (04)

I figured, though, that the new technique could be used in those cases,
as well, and the author knew something I didn't.
:_)    (05)