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[ba-unrev-talk] CITRIS Social Science Fellowships

          "The World will not evolve past its current state of
          crisis by using the same thinking that created the
          situation." - Albert Einstein    (01)

Relative to the Bootstrap Institute's mission, UC Berkeley's Center for
Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) web
site < http://citris.berkeley.edu/> has an interesting discussion paper
on possible roles for social scientists in developing CITRIS projects.
< http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~demmel/CITRIS_KickOff/CITRIS_Kalil.htm >    (02)

Members of CITRIS believe that social scientists can and should play an
important role in this research initiative.  To encourage the
involvement of social scientists at the graduate student level, CITRIS
is sponsoring two kinds of fellowships.  Depending on the quality of the
applications, CITRIS plans to award up to 4 Dissertation Fellowships and
4 Masterís Fellowships.    (03)

   * Dissertation Fellowships:  2 year, $25,000/year fellowships to
     support dissertation research.  Applicants must plan to have
     completed all requirements for the Ph.D. except for the research
     component by September 2002.    (04)

   * Masterís Fellowships:  1 year, $15,000 fellowship to support a
     masterís thesis or masterís-level project.    (05)

The deadline for applications is May 1, 2002. Applications must be
received by this date.  Awards will be announced June 1, 2002.    (06)

Below are some possible research topics, although this is not intended
to be an exclusive list.    (07)

   * What are some of the risks associated with the technologies that
     CITRIS is developing, and how might they be mitigated?    (08)

   * What are the public policies and economic, legal, social and
     cultural factors that may either slow or accelerate the deployment
     of CITRIS technologies?    (09)

   *  How can the design of CITRIS technologies be enhanced by
     methodologies such as ethnography?    (010)

   * What other application areas should CITRIS consider, such as the
     use of IT to help empower and educate low-income individuals and
     communities?    (011)

   * What can we learn about the economic and social impact of
     technology from historical and comparative (e.g. other advanced
     industrial countries) case studies?    (012)

   *  How should CITRIS technologies be evaluated?    (013)

Applicants must be enrolled in graduate programs at UC Berkeley, UC
Davis, or UC Santa Cruz in social science or related disciplines.    (014)

For additional information
Questions can be directed to:    (015)

Leah Theriault
510-642-7645    (016)

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