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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Incredible article

Eric.    (01)

Interesting article, well thought out.    (02)

Just like to mention another item: the quality of digital music vs analog.
It compares somewhat to a photo printed on a press as compared to one
developed in a darkroom.    (03)

I have some music on 33-rpm vinyl as well as on CD. To my ageing ears, vinyl
still wins. And Napster and Morpheus can't touch it. Yet.    (04)

Henry    (05)

Eric Armstrong wrote:    (06)

> http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/17/magazine/17ONLINE.html?todaysheadlines
> This one is on music. By Kevin Kelly author, of
> ''New Rules for the New Economy: 10 Radical Strategies
> for a Connected World".
> The article is SO insightful that I suspect the book is
> highly worth reading.
> He looks at music, tradition, and technology. His insights
> would appear to apply to, and interact with, knowledge
> engineering systems, and his crystal ball appears to me to
> be remarkable clear.    (07)