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[ba-unrev-talk] New output from Kurzweil at The Edge

www.edge.org    (01)

Of note are statements like the following:
"Kurzweil, an inventor and entrepreneur, has been pushing the
envelope for years in his field of pattern recognition. Among his many
accomplishments, he developed the technology behind the flatbed scanner,
and he is a leading expert in speech recognition. In his radical view of
the future the operant word is....exponential. For example, "One
application of sending billions of nanobots into the brain is
full-immersion virtual reality. If you want to be in real reality, the
nanobots sit there and do nothing, but if you want to go into virtual
reality, the nanobots shut down the signals coming from my real senses,
replace them with the signals I would be receiving if I were in the
virtual environment, and then my brain feels as if it's in the virtual
environment. And you can go there yourself - or, more interestingly you
can go there with other people - and you can have everything from sexual
and sensual encounters to business negotiations, in full-immersion
reality environments that incorporate all of the senses.""    (02)

Having just been to see the movie A Beautiful Mind, I have to ask Ray
where the off switch would be, though.    (03)

Peter Jones
ppj@concept67.fsnet.co.uk    (04)