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[ba-unrev-talk] OFFTOPIC: Sony Viao & Microsoft

Something happened to my machine on my way toward the mailing list today
which I'd
like to share with this list.
I own a Sony Vaio. It contains a WinModem
(Unadvertised when I bought
it). Therefore I am running the WinME that
came with that machine on a partition so that I can access the net (No
linux driver for this model to date).
Today as I booted the machine, IE5 opened up with a message from Sony
a three-year warrantee package that would save my machine from all
evil...blah, blah.
I have no idea where this came from, and was a little alarmed that this
could've been
 sitting on my machine waiting to pounce for over a year.
There was a little dialogue window with a tickbox for,
"Do not show me this message again."
I ticked it and clicked OK.
Naturally this caused my machine to blue-screen with a fatal kernel
fault.    (01)

Dear Bill G. and Sony,    (02)

No, I don't see the funny side of it.    (03)

Yours,    (04)

Peter    (05)