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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Icons for IBIS

Just to answer Eugene's two points re Mifflin (I'll send a separate post re
Peter's original question):    (01)

Ability to change/set both node type and link type are unimplemented
features in Mifflin at present (the database supports this but the GUI
doesn't). The spec calls for both capabilities, but the code hasn't been
written yet. For those who have the source code (and you know who you are ;
-)  ) the door is wide open...    (02)

One difference with QuestMap will be (if the code is ever written ;-) )
that QM didn't allow you to change the type of a transcluded node. Mifflin
will. I believe that the reasoning for this in QM was since links
inherently were typed, and since the link types were tied to particular
node types, if you changed the node type it would 'break' the link typing.
This is part of the reason why we went with a generic link type in Mifflin;
it removed a layer of complexity that (we'd argue) didn't add much value to
the user.    (03)

BTW, Mifflin does indeed support the Argument node type. Other node types
beyond the canonical IBIS/QM set are possible through the Extended Node
Type feature, but that's another story.    (04)

Al    (05)

Eugene wrote: (excerpt)    (06)

In QuestMap, you can't change the type of a transcluded node.  In Mifflin,
you can't change the type of a node, period.  So this scenario would never
come up in either of these tools.    (07)

Mifflin, on the other hand, only has one link type, and controls
everything as a node type.  You can create an Argument node (I believe --
I'd have to double check), but there's no way of knowing whether it
supports or objects to a particular idea.    (08)

(Another technical side note: Mifflin actually supports link types, and
will use them when importing QuestMap files.  It does not allow users to
set them however.  I've been talk to Al to find out why this is the case,
but haven't gotten around to it; perhaps he can answer on this list.)    (09)