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Clarification - Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Icons for IBIS

Whoops -- the below is confusing. What I meant is that nodes can't have
different types in different views (e.g. can't be a Pro in one view, a Con
in another, an Argument in another). You can indeed change the node type
itself (only via the database at this point, not via the GUI), and it will
then change in every view the node is transcluded in. Link types (if any)
will not change when the node type is changed, although logic could be
written to do so (part of the Extended Node Type concept).    (01)

I wrote:    (02)

In Mifflin, we keep the type constant (i.e. once a Pro, always a Pro). I
wouldn't fall on my sword to defend that this approach is inherently "more
right" than, say, the QuestMap approach (in which a node can be one of
three types (Pro, Con, or Argument) as it appears in multiple nodes).
Here's our reasoning:    (03)