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[ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: Refugee Camp Redesign Report

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Subject: Refugee Camp Redesign Report
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:27:35 -0600
From: Barrett Brown <barrett@thesustainablevillage.com>
To: Recipient List Suppressed    (02)

Dear Friends,    (03)

Thank you again for contributing your ideas to our project on 
redesigning refugee camps as environmentally sustainable settlements. 
We attended a recent meeting to begin to address this issue (it is a 
huge issue!) A final report has been issued and I wanted to let you 
know about it. Please review it at:    (04)

http://www.rmi.org/sitepages/art7205.php    (05)

We are currently developing a web site that will be a repository for 
knowledge about this issue, as well as a place to collaborate on new 
ideas. The new organization dedicated to this issue is called 
CareBridge. The web site will be at http://www.carebridge.org BUT IT 
IS NOT READY YET. We will notify you when it is.    (06)

The second phase of this project is to write a funding proposal to 
use whole systems design - and many of the ideas from this conference 
- to address the needs of a displaced population or emerging 
community. At the insistence of UNHCR, we cannot go directly into a 
refugee camp and try new ideas because people could be hurt if 
something goes wrong with the test. Thus, all new ideas will need to 
be tested externally, and proven, before they can be applied to 
actual refugee camps. This is a long-term process, and we look 
forward to collaborating with you in the future to help make this 
happen.    (07)

We are collecting content for the CareBridge site. Please submit any 
appropriate resources, graphics, photos, links, articles, and 
research papers appropriate to this topic.    (08)

Also, if you know of any funding organizations or grant initiatives 
that would tie in well with this project, please let us know.    (09)

Again, we have sincerely appreciated your contributions in the past. 
Best to you in your ventures.    (010)

Barrett C. Brown
International Development Director    (011)

The Sustainable Village
717 Poplar Ave.
Boulder, CO 80304   USA
(303) 998-1323 extension 110
(303) 449-1348 Fax
www.sustainablevillage.com    (012)

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sustainability projects worldwide.    (013)

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