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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Knowledge Bases

Eric:    (01)

May I suggest organizing these knowledge bases? The
goal for me is life-balance. The framework I've been
using is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.     (02)

I've recently started a hierarchy of information
loosly framed around MHN. Have been wanting to do this
for a decade now. The plan is, as I collect tidbits
relevant to a particular area, I record them. For
example, qualities important to a successful marriage
would be relevant to a section on interpersonal
relationships. Then later, as I have time to reflect,
I organize things properly into the hierarchy. I note
important points and add related resources such as
books (links to Amazon), interviews and stories
available online (Fresh Air, Morning Edition, ATC),
online articles, essays, and news stories.    (03)

As you well know, transclusion and cross-referencing
are required to do a good job of it. No need to get
hung up on the concept of a strict hierarchical
outline. We all know that's inadeqaute.    (04)

Note that diet appears high in MHN. As you well know,
improving one's diet and nutrition can greatly improve
the quality of life. Same goes for practical health
care and your local environments (home, neighborhood,
workplace, city).    (05)

Now, imagine if Yahoo and Google organized their
hierarchies based on Maslow's. Would it serve you any
better than being arranged alphabetically? I believe
so For example, I doubt that sports would be a
top-level category. Get that nonsense out of the way.    (06)

MHN introduces the notion of "value". Where things are
not organized alphabetically, or by date, but rather
are prioritized by importance to human happiness.
Maslow's hierarchy does this like nothing else I've
seen. This really shifts the focus in a healthy
way--to the natural needs of humans. Focus on meeting
human needs, and life improves dramatically.    (07)

In a few months I'll be ready to share what I've got.    (08)

Michael Poremba    (09)

--- Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@sun.com> wrote:
> Paul F. did it. He got me thinking again, which
> brought
> up some project ideas that have lain dormant for
> quite
> a while. Peter J. did it, too.
> So, herewith, my ideas for knowledge bases we could
> use to advance the cause of global health, a book
> idea,
> and the concept of 3-D farming that figures
> prominently
> in it.
> Knowledge Base Projects
> ---------------------------
> These are long term projects that will require a lot
> of people
> and a lot of time, but will be of invaluable
> assistance to
> humanity.
>   1. Gardening Knowledge Base
>   2. Nutrition Knowledge Base
>   3. Nutritional Physiology Model
[...snip...]    (010)

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