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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] R-Objects: Pepper (IBIS tool)

Man, do I have egg on face. This is the app Johannes
has been trying to bring to our attention. Thanks for
taking the time to evaluate it, Jack.    (01)

One more great link. The information page:
http://www.r-objects.com/products/pepper/    (02)

Eric Armstrong wrote:    (03)

> Raising Jack's find to a higher level. Pepper is a
> peer-to-peer implementation of a structured
> argument system (Issue Based Information System,
> IBIS).
> http://www.r-objects.com/products/pepper/gallery/
>    Gallery of screenshots showing Pepper in action
> http://www.r-objects.com/
>     Download Pepper. Links for more info.
> http://www.r-objects.com/solutions/km/
>     A description of a personal knowledge management
>     solution, with an email address for sales. (No prices
>     anywhere on the site. Must be pricey.)
> http://www.r-objects.com/solutions/
>     A catallog of solutions they offer.    (04)