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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Aspirin or, Why do they lie?

Eric,    (01)

In the article, I couldn't find any reference or other substantiation for
that claim, rather amazing since there are names and citation in other parts
of the article.    (02)

What evidence do you have for this claim?    (03)

-- Dennis    (04)

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Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] Aspirin or, Why do they lie?    (05)

http://www.chiroweb.com/archives/19/18/11.html    (06)

  "Just averaging two aspirin a day from the age of 25 to 64 increases
  chances of kidney disease by 900 percent! The bottom line is that each    (07)

  year, 20,000 die and tens of thousands more are hospitalized because
  these medications."    (08)

Of course, all you hear about in the TV ads is how it reduces your
chance of heart disease.    (09)

It's a lie of omission.    (010)