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[ba-unrev-talk] Any Bootstrap Alliance Interest with Community LAN Revolutionaries?

"Although it started among friends, community LANs are a revolutionary
concept. Grass roots, neighborhood networks, using standardized, 802.11b
equipment, are forming in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, London and
elsewhere. BayArea Wireless already has 21 access nodes. SeattleWireless
and Portland's Personal Telco may each have a dozen or so. They may
threaten multi-billion dollar investments made by cellular, cable and
telephone companies. Public-access LANs that share a
1.5-megabit-per-second link are faster and cheaper than 2.5G cellular.
Range is limited to 1000 feet but inter-connected community LANs may
soon provide a viable alternative. Cheap broadband isn't coming from DSL
or Cable Modem providers. "    (01)

Community LAN Revolutionaries wishes for license exempt UWB radios    (02)

"Ultra Wide Band (UWB)  may provide the cheapest, easiest wireless
connectivity in the home. Ultra Wide Band penetrates walls at 400Mbps
and promises " wireless Firewire or USB 2.0" although range is short.
UWB may provide stiff competition for home powerline networks or
wireless LANs if home connectivity products are available for $50, but
equipment is unproven and won't be available for a year or two."
< http://sdots.com/wireless/ >    (03)

Then, on July 16, 2002 - XtremeSpectrum Demonstrates Industry’s First
Ultra-wideband Product    (04)

"With an aggregate data rate of 100 Mbps, the Trinity chipset is easily
capable of transmitting multiple streams of digital video and audio
within the typical North American residential environment. With each
MPEG-2 stream running at up to 12 Mbps, the Trinity chipset clearly
demonstrates adequate payload capacity for multiple streams of digital
video along with wire-like viewing quality. ... [As} early as Christmas
2003. Pricing for the Trinity (UWB) chipset is $19.95 each in quantities
of 100,000+."
< http://www.xtremespectrum.com/press/pressJuly162002.html >    (05)

More info:
<  http://www.xtremespectrum.com/xsi_trinity_brief.pdf >    (06)