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[ba-unrev-talk] CITRIS: e-Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) with TimeMap/Spatial Browser

CITRIS is joining forces with the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
(ECAI). Led by Professor Lew Lancaster (Department of East Asian
Languages and Culture), ECAI (formed in 1997) is developing a digital
infrastructure for the retrieval of online scholarly data in map form.
Through this partnership, we hope to explore further how to use digital
resources to enhance education in the arts and humanities. Read on:<
http://citris.berkeley.edu/people/interview_lancaster.html>    (01)

ECAI is a collaborative project < http://www.ecai.org/ > with discussion
forums < http://ecai.org/community/ECAIforums.html > which combines
global mapping, imagery, and texts. ECAI provides scholars and other
users with a research resource based on digital technology which
presents complex combinations of data from multiple disciplines visually
and immediately.    (02)

Based on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) with a Repository Explorer
for Metadata Harvesting <
http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/openarchivesprotocol.htm > and
modeled after a historical atlas but modernized with Geographic
Information Systems software, the ECAI TimeMap system <
http://ecai.org/tech/Timemap.html> is a spatial browser linked to an
index pointing to websites, databases, aerial and satellite photography,
and georeferenced historical maps located on servers around the world.
(E.G., <
http://ecai.org/Area/AreaTeamExamples/Korea/KoreaHistoryAnimation.html >
with step-by-step instructions <
http://ecai.org/Documentation/tm_step_by_step_guide.doc>)    (03)

Essentially, a user queries the system and a custom historical map is
generated based on their interests, enabling comparisons across
discipline, region, and time.
E.G., < http://ecai.org/tech/ecai_ITarchDiagram550.jpg > (See the Block
Diagram of General IT Architecture for more detail. <
http://ecai.org/tech/itArchitecturesum.pdf >)    (04)

Some ECAI collaborators are particularly interested in the use of
interoperable GIS and web-based technologies as resources for classroom
< http://ecai.org/projects/pedagogy.html >    (05)

(See the University of California's eScholarship Digital Repository <
http://repositories.cdlib.org/escholarship > for working paper
repositories <  http://escholarship.cdlib.org/wprepositories.html >,
digital journals, books, and datasets <
http://escholarship.cdlib.org/journals.html > <
http://escholarship.cdlib.org/books.html > <
http://escholarship.cdlib.org/data.html >,  using specific tools <
http://www.openarchives.org/tools/tools.html > with related utilities <
http://www.openarchives.org/tools/tools2.html >)    (06)

Join Us
< http://ecai.org/participating/joinus.html >    (07)

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