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[ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: News from Public Library of Science

Here is the PLoS press release on which the NYT article Gary Richmond 
forwarded to this list.    (01)

>We are writing to you and 31,000 other colleagues who signed the
>Public Library of Science open letter, to share some exciting news:
>The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded a $9 million grant
>to the  Public Library of Science to enable us to launch new journals
>that will allow scientists to make their works freely and universally
>available from the moment of publication through  international,
>online "public libraries of science", without  sacrificing the
>recognition and audience that a reputable journal can  provide.
>PLoS will begin by publishing two journals - PLoS Biology and PLoS
>Medicine - that will retain all of the important features of
>scientific journals, including rigorous peer-review and high
>editorial standards, but will use a new business model in which the
>costs of these services are  recovered by modest fees on each
>published paper. This new model will allow PLoS to make all published
>works immediately available online, with no charges for access or
>restrictions on subsequent redistribution  or use.
>The Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the US has strongly endorsed
>this concept by by offering to cover the costs of open access
>publication by means of a budget supplement to each of its
>investigators. Several universities have recognized the tremendous
>value of open access publishing to the scientific and academic
>communities (as well as long term financial savings of this model)
>and have taken similar steps by providing funds from library budgets
>to support open access publishing.  We are confident that other
>funding agencies and research institutions will similarly endorse the
>idea of using grant money and institutional funds to cover modest
>authors' fees.
>We have also taken steps to ensure that authors who do not have
>access to grant funds or institutional support that allow them to pay
>publication fees will still be able to publish their work in our
>We have begun putting together a superlative professional editorial
>staff, and assembling a diverse, international editorial advisory
>board of outstanding scientists who share our goals. We are aiming to
>begin receiving submissions by summer 2003, and to begin publishing
>in the second half of 2003.
>You can find more information about this new initiative at:
>http://www.publiclibraryofscience.org   (please bookmark it!).
>Thanks for your continued support.
>Harold E. Varmus
>Patrick O. Brown
>Michael B. Eisen
>for Public Library of Science    (02)

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