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[ba-unrev-talk] query - "argument mapping" antecedents

Hello,    (01)

In the 1962 report Augmenting Human Intellect, Douglas Engelbart described 
a system for displaying and manipulating argument structures - what we 
might now call computer-supported argument mapping.    (02)

My query is: in sketching such a system, was Engelbart familiar with and 
drawing upon antecedents in argument mapping, such as the work of Wigmore 
and Toulmin (or any others)?  Or did he quite independently develop the 
concept of "box and line" graphical displays of argument structure?    (03)

I'm currently drafting a paper "Enhancing and Augmenting Human Reasoning" 
based on my presentation at a recent conference Cognition, Evolution and 
Rationality: Cognitive Science for the 21st Century.  The above question 
arises in that context.    (04)

Any advice much appreciated,    (05)

Tim van Gelder
http://www.austhink.org     (06)