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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Connecting the Dots...

You are brave, Eric.    (01)

Question: Does Iraq really have biological and/or
chemical weapons? We are told they do. I believe they
do. However, if they don't, the whole thing falls
apart.    (02)

Question: If Iraq has biological and/or chemical (or
other WOMD), can they actually deploy and use these
weapons? In my not terribly well-informed opinion, it
is possible for Iraq to technically posses these
weapons but not be able to use them against a military
force.    (03)

And even if Iraq has no means of using these weapons
effectively in a military sense, these weapons could
potentially be used non-militarily against the US and
its allies. Eric mentions the use by terrorists. This
is certainly at least a theoretical possibility. But
one must ask, if so, why hasn't it happened in the
years when there were no inspections.    (04)

And Jack asks how were these weapons procured. Did
Iraq make them? Did they have help making them? Did
they find their way out of the old Soviet Union?    (05)

If Iraq procured these weapons before, couldn't they
do that again? Even without their current leadership?    (06)

Question: What does regime change guarantee? In
baseball, when a team has a bad season or two, the
manager gets fired. But the manager didn't strike out
or commit any errors. It is a very difficult thing to
predict whether there will be more or fewer deaths in
the US (and allies) from terrorism with the current
Iraqi leadership continuing in place or without it. We
will never know what would have happened.    (07)

Question: Is certainty possible in a situation like
this? Can we even be certain about the odds?    (08)

My opinion is that the odds for a safer future lie
along the very nasty path through war. But it is
certainly little more than a vague notion since I
don't know everything that the CIA, NSA and MI6 know.    (09)

--- Jack Park <jackpark@thinkalong.com> wrote:
> At 04:51 PM 3/5/2003, you wrote:
> >Item: If he has used biological and chemical
> weapons
> >       on the Kurds, why would he care if someone
> used
> >       them on us? (It's hard to see why he would.)
> Question: If he used biological and chemical
> weapons, where did he get them 
> in the first place?
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