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[ba-unrev-talk] SitRep

Dear Malcolm    (01)

Thank you for asking. Here is the game plan for Planned Facilitated Evolution to boost collective capabity for coping with complex urgent problems.    (02)

1. Engagement: Create long term partnerships with Improvement Communities. 
2. Collaboration: Work with private and public funding organizations to augment human capabilities for community improvement
3. Enabling Environment: 3 components
a. Develop Frameowork of Open Source Tools
b. Training and Application Support to introduce new tools
c. Facilitate development of standards and governance for evolving communities and tools
4. Knowledge Building: Create Dynamic Knowledge Repositories (DKR's) allowing communities to CoDIAK _ Concurrently Develop, Integrate and Apply Knowledge
5. Convene: 2 components
a. Create Workspace for communities that facilitate creation of DKR's
b. Evolve workspaces so they enhance communities capability to improve    (03)

Status:    (04)

1. Underway. Bootstrap Alliance is affiliated and actively working with the following organizations identified as improvement communities or proto-improvement communities:
a. American Technology Alliances www.amtech_usa.org
b. Software Productivity Consortium www.software.org
c. Bootstrap Alliance's core technical partner is Dorai Thodla founder of www.imorph.com
d. Acrossworlds - a World Bank partner www.acrossworld.com    (05)

AmTech and Software.org are active on the Bootstrap Alliance Core Planning Committee. We meet weekly and have done so for the past 12-18 months.    (06)

Dorai Thodla has been meeting regularly over the past 12 months with Doug to document the technical specification of the Hyperscope. This has been reviewed with the Board of Bootstrap Alliance in the past couple of months.    (07)

Acrossworlds is working with us to engage with K4D - Knowledge for Development - the World Bank initiative to become a bank for developing Knowledge assets.    (08)

Bootstrap Alliance has other affiliates who are also working with us. Most recently we have start to engage with CPSquare, the Community of Practice of Communities of Practice www.cpsquare.com   They are particularly interesting to Bootstrap Alliance because they are the closest to a true Improvement Community for "improving community capability" that we have identified to date.    (09)

2. Seed funding for Hyperscope prototype in process of being secured. Currently in full court press search for funding for the next components of the Framework of Open Source Tools.    (010)

3. Framework of Open Source Tools defined as follows:    (011)

I. Link to Legacy systems using familiar tools through DKR of open standard knowledge containers (XML-based) allowing people to freely navigate and integrate knowledge    (012)

II. Database of Links to existing documents and source data so people can construct knowledge models (eg logical argument models extending well beyond existing contructs like today's spreadsheet and decision models). The knowledge models are conceived as building upon DKR's and able to be presented in views that are intended to be customizable and intended to be evolvable in ways that increasingly enhance both collective and personal understanding.    (013)

III. Basic open architecture and application support that enables smooth transition to large-scale evolution of collective knowledge structures and system functionality.    (014)

Status on this: I. use cases being developed. Idea is to bootstrap: We are working define a sequence of initial cases that provide enough value to user community that they convince community or funder or both, to fund next set of applications which enable the next series of use cases.    (015)

II. Link Data base is turning out to be one of the most significantly new concepts that makes possible the whole idea of Link to Legacy data and knowledge. Doug's conception of Link types, Link Expressions and programmable links truly gives the promise of evolving ways to both build on legacy and "stand on the shoulders of giants" in terms of building on others knowledge structures.    (016)

III. We have a way to go on this....    (017)

So that's where we are in early June 2003.    (018)

Feel free to contact me personally if you are seriously interested in helping Doug at this pivotal time.    (019)

I am located in Palo Alto. However, I will be in Boston from 6/5-6/8 this month if Boston unrevver's would like to get together to hear an "in person" update. Friday lunch time around MIT is a good possibility.    (020)

if Bay Area "un revvers" would like to get together, let me know and I'll work to schedule something in mid June.
Mei Lin    (021)

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Possibly I've missed many postings, but this is one subscriber who has no
sense of what's happening @ Bootstrap. Would you like to post a summary of
activities and progress with the software initiative?    (023)

Malcolm Dean
Los Angeles
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