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Auto-reply setting ok??

Now that we've had a chance to work with it,
who is in favor of retaining the automatic
reply-to-sender (instead of reply-to-group) for
this list?    (01)

Eugene is a big fan of reply-to-sender, as it 
prevents personal responses from inadvertently
going to the list. In his experience, that is
a very common setting, and a very useful one.    (02)

I, on the other hand, am willing to trade the
risk of an occasional misdirected message in
order to use the reply key.     (03)

Eugene's client has a Reply-to-Group option. 
Netscape doesn't. There is reply and reply-to-all,
and that's it. Since reply-to-all profliferates
messages, and since reply goes to the wrong
place 99% of the time, I'd like to see the
default be reply-to-group, instead of reply to
sender.    (04)

I may be alone in that, or I may have thousands
of silent supporters. Which is it, lads??
:_)    (05)