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perlIBIS v0.1 released

I've released the initial version of perlIBIS, the perl modules I wrote
for converting QuestMap files into other formats:    (01)

    http://www.eekim.com/software/perlIBIS/    (02)

It's crude, but it works and is fairly well documented.  There's some
additional functionality I want to add, namely exporting to Nexist/XTM,
OPML, and XHTML/Purple/plink.  The latter two will require tweaking the
data structures a bit, so I may not get to that soon.    (03)

I'm also keen on having a better version of QuestMap.  Nexist could serve
as the engine for that tool, but we'd need to hack up the UI a bit, and
possibly extend the system to support some of Eric's ideas.  If any of you
folks want to bang heads on this as a miniproject, let me know.    (04)

-Eugene    (05)

+=== Eugene Eric Kim ===== eekim@eekim.com ===== http://www.eekim.com/ ===+
|       "Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they        |
+=====  can have an excuse to drink alcohol."  --Steve Martin  ===========+    (06)