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Re: Person I want to invite

I definitely appreciate suggestions for good contributors to the group.
As a reminder, here are a couple of attributes we're looking for, a
refinement of the attributes listed at:    (01)

http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/about.html#sid010    (02)

    * People working on real projects, developing OHS-like tools.    (03)

    * People w/ a strong desire in better understanding Doug's work.    (04)

    * People willing to contribute to augmenting and documenting the
      group's collective knowledge.    (05)

This last point is really important.  Augmenting and documenting our
group's collective wisdom requires serious commitment on the part of our
members.  It's not enough to want to talk; people have to be willing to
teach, learn, document, and bootstrap.    (06)

As for opening up the group to new members, the original plan was to start
accepting new members on July 31.  As I mentioned yesterday, I'd like to
hold off for a few more weeks.  My main concern is making sure that our
current group has had sufficient time to evolve some community practices
and initially document our collective IQ.  I think we're making good
progress on both counts, but we should be really rarin' to go in a few
weeks, which will make it a more optimal time to bring in new members.    (07)

We'll talk about this more at our next meeting (scheduled for August 9,
12-2pm; more on this in another e-mail).  In the meantime, if anyone has
any nominations for new members, or any comments in general, let them be
heard.    (08)

-Eugene    (09)

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