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Re: logo and ontologies

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (01)

> Josh Brahms, Sheldon's son, has designed a nifty logo for our group.  I've
> added it to the OHS LC web pages, and you can find out more information
> here:
>     http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/about.html#sid022
> I'd like it if people would add the logo to their relevant projects' web
> pages.  Instructions for doing this are at the above URL.    (02)

There was a glitch with the logos that I posted last night.  (That's what
I get for cropping the logos myself.  Leave that stuff to the experts!)
Sheldon fixed the glitches for us, and I posted corrected versions of the
logos to the web site.    (03)

And while I'm at it, if you have not sent me a bio for the members page,
please do so.  Thanks!    (04)

-Eugene    (05)

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