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Re: Get MajorDomo to remove duplicates?

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Eric Armstrong wrote:    (01)

> Eugene's major concept, with was worth
> capturing imo, is that we are a bootstrapping
> community of developers, and that we should
> evolve the tools we use in the ways that help
> us identify and use "best practices".    (02)

This is the bottom line, and it's what separates us from other
communities.  We want to discuss how we can improve our collaboration
tools, and then we want to back up our talk by doing it.  We're in a
unique position to accomplish this, because we can evolve the tools
ourselves.    (03)

With this in mind, I just want to reiterate a few things.  First, if you
have ideas on how to improve collaboration tools, then express them on
this list.  One way or another, those ideas will become integrated into
something more coherent.  How that integration occurs is one of our
biggest challenges -- Doug emphasized it in regard to DKRs in our July 12
meeting -- and it's a process that I expect will evolve in this group over
time.  Regardless, you can be sure that integration will happen.    (04)

(Incidentally, this is why I feel it's so important for people to be using
purple numbers when publishing documents.  It gives us an infrastructure
for integrating all of this information into something coherent.  This
should become more apparent to everyone over the next few months.)    (05)

Second, I want to comment on this list's charter, and how best we can use
it.  I know that everyone on this list is also on ohs-dev, and most of us
are also on unrev-ii as well.  I feel that this list is a superior forum
for carrying on technical discussion related to the development of
OHS-like tools, and would like to see all of us deprecate our use of
ohs-dev (and to some extent, unrev-ii) in favor of this list.  My reasons
for this are as follows:    (06)

    * ohs-dev has an unclear charter and ill-defined expectations.  For
      instance, if I subscribe to ohs-dev, am I considered a member of the
      OHS development team?  The Launch Community, on the other hand, has
      a well defined charter and sets clear expectations among its
      members.  It's clear that participating on the list does not imply
      some kind of official role on the OHS development team, if there
      indeed exists such a thing.    (07)

    * Participation on ohs-lc is restricted to LC members.  This increases
      both signal-to-noise and the probability that some useful work will
      result from discussion.  In other words, we're not all talk on this
      list.    (08)

    * ohs-lc messages have granular addresses (via purple numbers), and
      hence, can be usefully integrated into a superior knowledge product,
      a core requirement for a DKR.    (09)

    * It's only going to get better. :-)    (010)

Finally, as Eric mentioned, newer versions of Majordomo may support the
kind of facility that Eric alluded to.  If it doesn't, then implementing
that facility will definitely be added to our list of features we need to
implement in order to improve our own collaboration.    (011)

-Eugene    (012)

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