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KIF, XTM, OHS and the Semantic Web

[Pardon an accidental Send. Here's the finished message I intended.]    (01)

I was involved in a lunchtime discussion during the ICCS Conference today
at Stanford involving Jack Park, Steve Newcomb, Michel Biezunski, Stefan
Decker, Bernard Vatant, Martin Lascher (last name?), and several others.
We were focused on looking into the integration of the various 
technologies being discussed as components in the Semantic Web. The three
predominant technologies being investigated at this time are XTM, CG, and 
DAML+OIL.    (02)

Jack can perhaps better characterize the details of this lunchtime 
meeting, but out of this discussion there were a number of action items.
Among them is the idea of looking into the core model of topic maps
represented in KIF, so that Conceptual Graphs, DAML+OIL, and XTM can be 
analysed using a common set of ontological concepts. Jack and I are 
tasked with leading this effort so far, and Steve Newcomb has offered 
his assistance in understanding the topic map data model.    (03)

  Knowledge Interchange Format
  http://logic.stanford.edu/kif/dpans.html    (04)

  Dan Connolly's RDF Schema approach to KIF
  http://www.w3.org/2000/07/hs78/KIF.html    (05)

  A World of Conceptual Graphs (FAQ)
  http://www.cs.uah.edu/~delugach/CG/    (06)

I'm currently reading over the KIF specification (and looking for a
more up-to-date version), and trying to figure out how we might 
generate an XML version of CGIF (Conceptual Graph Interchange Form).
Anyone that can send me information on CGIF or KIF, it would be
appreciated (and this information will remain on the list archive
for others to use too). I have access to the search engine results,
but either tutorials or more authorative documents would be great.    (07)

Murray    (08)

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