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topic IDs in XTM

This is really a Nexist question, but I thought that other people might be
interested in following it, since it does concern XML and topic maps.    (01)

When generating IBIS maps, Nexist uses the text of the issue/idea/argument
as the topic's ID.  This seems to be illegal XML, as XTM specifies the
topic id attribute as an ID type.  The ID type in XML is restricted to
alphanumeric characters, dashes, periods, and underscores, and the first
character must not be numerical.    (02)

This is obviously not a problem with the XTM engine that Nexist is using.
However, it would seem more correct if XTM had an additional attribute --
say, "title" -- that contained the textual description of the topic.    (03)

This way, Nexist could assign more traditional IDs (such as generic node
IDs) to the id attribute, and use the title attribute for a topic's
textual label.    (04)

Thoughts?  Am I misinterpreting the XTM spec?    (05)

-Eugene    (06)

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