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Re: topic IDs in XTM

Actually, you're not misinterpreting the spec.  Nexist does, indeed, take a 
shortcut as it also does with class-subclass relations.  The actually cure 
for this is to optimize the db schema in Nexist to use the <baseNameString> 
instead of id.  That can be done at any time.  Remember, Nexist is an 
engineering prototype, with lots of shortcuts and just plain crummy code.    (01)

At 03:18 PM 8/17/2001 -0700, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
>This is really a Nexist question, but I thought that other people might be
>interested in following it, since it does concern XML and topic maps.
>When generating IBIS maps, Nexist uses the text of the issue/idea/argument
>as the topic's ID.  This seems to be illegal XML, as XTM specifies the
>topic id attribute as an ID type.  The ID type in XML is restricted to
>alphanumeric characters, dashes, periods, and underscores, and the first
>character must not be numerical.
>This is obviously not a problem with the XTM engine that Nexist is using.
>However, it would seem more correct if XTM had an additional attribute --
>say, "title" -- that contained the textual description of the topic.
>This way, Nexist could assign more traditional IDs (such as generic node
>IDs) to the id attribute, and use the title attribute for a topic's
>textual label.
>Thoughts?  Am I misinterpreting the XTM spec?
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