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updated dialog maps

I recently modified perlIBIS to output OPML.  I also created an XSLT to
convert OPML to HTML.  Running the scripts on our existing dialog maps
resulted in the new files at:    (01)

    http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/discuss.html    (02)

The HTML versions of the dialog maps have a couple of advantages over the
PNG versions.  They include details that the PNG versions do not (due to
space constraints), the links are live, and nodes are addressable via
purple numbers.  Please take a look, and tell me what you think.    (03)

Here are the next steps for perlIBIS and how the LC will use dialog maps.
First, the changes I made to perlIBIS's internal data structures to
support OPML will allow me to easily write an XTM/Nexist export as well.
I will write this export before releasing the current version of perlIBIS.
You will be able to create dialog maps in QuestMap, convert those into
XTM, and then import them into Nexist.    (04)

I've also been building dialog maps of the discussion on the ohs-lc
mailing list, with granular links to content using purple numbers.  I've
been very pleased with the results so far, and the latest version of
perlIBIS will allow me to export my results so that all of us can enjoy
these maps.  I think that these maps will offer a great leap forward in
terms of the knowledge product, or integration aspect of our DKR.    (05)

-Eugene    (06)

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