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Re: meeting this Thursday?

I'm pretty shaken up by what happened today, as I'm sure we all are.
Between calling up loved ones and trying to get those horrible images out
of my head, I've found it difficult to work today, and my motivation for
organizing and preparing for a real meeting is nil.    (01)

I was relatively late in trying to organize a meeting for this week
anyway, and I only got a few responses.  So what I'd like to do instead is
to invite those who are interested to come to my apartment in Palo Alto
this Thursday, September 13, at noon.  We can order a pizza, and I can
give an informal demonstration of the Dialog Map/e-mail/Wiki methodology
I've been experimenting with.    (02)

Please let me know by Wednesday afternoon if you'd be interested in
dropping by, and I'll send out the pertinent information.    (03)

-Eugene    (04)

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|       "Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they        |
+=====  can have an excuse to drink alcohol."  --Steve Martin  ===========+    (05)