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updated dialog map of ohs-lc discussion

Eric and Sheldon came by last Thursday, and after getting positive
feedback about the work I've been doing, I was inspired to press on.  I
dialog mapped another few weeks of the ohs-lc mailing list:    (01)

    http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/discuss.html#sid016    (02)

Couple of new thoughts:    (03)

* The discussion in the new content forced me to refactor the map.  The
  result is a lot more newbie-friendly and bears a stronger resemblance
  to the FAQ-style representation that Eric often talks about.    (04)

* Adding this additional content pushed the limits of QuestMap.  The need
  for a better dialog mapping tool is becoming more and more apparent.
  Additionally, I am starting to use dialog mapping for my research, which
  is giving me even more motivation to build a better dialog mapping tool.
  More on this in another e-mail.    (05)

* Updating the map also uncovered new flaws in the prior discussion on
  this list, and is helping to mold the structured/unstructured discussion
  methodology that others have informally proposed and that I have been
  developing more formally.    (06)

  In particular, there is one factual error in the dialog map -- as an
  exercise, see if you can find it.  It's an obvious error, but it's easy
  to overlook.  Without more frequent validation, these errors are likely
  to slip through, and the dialog map loses some of its value as a result.    (07)

-Eugene    (08)

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