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Re: updated dialog map of ohs-lc discussion

Two more thoughts:    (01)

* It would be nice to have a JavaScript outline view of the HTML dialog
  map.  There is a nifty web site that will load your OPML files, convert
  it to HTML/JavaScript on the server-side, and allow you to manipulate
  the resulting tree from the browser:    (02)

      http://w3future.com/html/opmlloader.html    (03)

  I don't know JavaScript (yet), but if someone on this list does, and
  would like to do a JavaScript/HTML version of the HTML dialog map,
  please do.  Once that's done, I can create an XSLT stylesheet to do the
  OPML to HTML/JavaScript conversion automatically.    (04)

* My article on Jeff Conklin's workshop last month was recently published:    (05)

      http://www.ddj.com/articles/2001/0175/0175e/0175e.htm    (06)

  I'm planning on writing some whitepapers on dialog mapping-related
  topics as well.  I'll post the URLs to this list when they become
  available.    (07)

-Eugene    (08)

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