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Introducing myself

Wow, I am very impressed by everyone's accomplishments on this list.    (01)

By comparison, (and by any standards really) I am just a newbie to the 
study of collaborative knowledge management.    (02)

My first foray into this field is TouchGraph, http://www.touchgraph.com a 
user interface for visually editing and navigating networks of interrelated 
information.    (03)

The important thing about TG is that it's goal is not visualization, 
although it could be used for this task.  TouchGraph is designed to be a 
tool for *manipulating* multiple hierarchies and associative networks.    (04)

The specific application for such a tool that most interests me, is the 
recording of thoughts and ideas.  It is my opinion that using this type of 
technology we can take individual and collaborative thinking to new 
levels.  I also think that such networks would be useful for communicating 
those ideas to third parties: 
http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=117442&forum_id=95693    (05)

I am aware that this is not the only application for this technology, and 
thus have chosen to make the code open source, so that others can find 
their own applications.  I also hope that I can generate revenue by helping 
others apply the technology to suit their own needs.    (06)

I have recently graduated from Columbia University with a BS in computer 
science, and have since held jobs as a computer consultant.  My current 
consulting project gives me plenty of time to peruse the development of TG 
in my spare time.    (07)

I have been waiting for the technology to mature, so that I could 
demonstrate it in the process of seeking funding for the project.  I think 
that it is almost there.  Something else that I would need, is a business 
case for why the technology is necessary.  I think that Eric Armstrong's 
"Recommendations??" post: http://www.bootstrap.org/dkr/discussion/3321.html 
would be a great start for such a business case.    (08)

I think that it would be to the advantage of everyone who wants to build 
technology for knowledge management to have a list of problems which they 
are addressing.  Then one can use that list to say "I address this, this, 
and this problem by doing A, B, and C."    (09)

I would be very happy if anyone in this group would be willing to 
collaborate with me in forming such a list of requirements.  I would also 
be glad to offer my help to anyone who wants to use or modify TouchGraph's 
technology.  In any case, I look forward to hearing the thoughts and 
opinions of the members of this list.    (010)

So... I'm gad to be here,    (011)

--Alex Shapiro    (012)