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Re: Requirements

A number of requirements analyses have been undertaken.
I believe Eugene has one such, and there are some at the
unrev site (Henry?). The one I can put my finger on right
away is the very early one I wrote after the 1999 colloquium
(was it that long ago? or was it 2000?)    (01)

It's the "Requirements" document at
http://www.treelight.com/software/collaboration/index.html    (02)

Alex Shapiro wrote:    (03)

> Wow, I am very impressed by everyone's accomplishments on this list.
> By comparison, (and by any standards really) I am just a newbie to the
> study of collaborative knowledge management.
> My first foray into this field is TouchGraph, http://www.touchgraph.com a
> user interface for visually editing and navigating networks of interrelated
> information.
> The important thing about TG is that it's goal is not visualization,
> although it could be used for this task.  TouchGraph is designed to be a
> tool for *manipulating* multiple hierarchies and associative networks.
> The specific application for such a tool that most interests me, is the
> recording of thoughts and ideas.  It is my opinion that using this type of
> technology we can take individual and collaborative thinking to new
> levels.  I also think that such networks would be useful for communicating
> those ideas to third parties:
> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=117442&forum_id=95693
> I am aware that this is not the only application for this technology, and
> thus have chosen to make the code open source, so that others can find
> their own applications.  I also hope that I can generate revenue by helping
> others apply the technology to suit their own needs.
> I have recently graduated from Columbia University with a BS in computer
> science, and have since held jobs as a computer consultant.  My current
> consulting project gives me plenty of time to peruse the development of TG
> in my spare time.
> I have been waiting for the technology to mature, so that I could
> demonstrate it in the process of seeking funding for the project.  I think
> that it is almost there.  Something else that I would need, is a business
> case for why the technology is necessary.  I think that Eric Armstrong's
> "Recommendations??" post: http://www.bootstrap.org/dkr/discussion/3321.html
> would be a great start for such a business case.
> I think that it would be to the advantage of everyone who wants to build
> technology for knowledge management to have a list of problems which they
> are addressing.  Then one can use that list to say "I address this, this,
> and this problem by doing A, B, and C."
> I would be very happy if anyone in this group would be willing to
> collaborate with me in forming such a list of requirements.  I would also
> be glad to offer my help to anyone who wants to use or modify TouchGraph's
> technology.  In any case, I look forward to hearing the thoughts and
> opinions of the members of this list.
> So... I'm gad to be here,
> --Alex Shapiro    (04)