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Watch President Obama cite Engelbart's innovations

Remarks by the President at the Cyber Summit,
The White House, February 13, 2015
At one point in his speech, President Obama cites Doug Engelbart's seminal innovations, among others, in the context of American leadership in the global digital economy today. See also segments of Obama's speech citing Doug Engelbart's contributions

Internet Pioneer's Greatest Contribution May Not Be Technological
May 5, 2015
Doug Engelbart's greatest breakthrough may be to change how we think, how we learn and innovate, and how we collaborate. The Internet Hall of Fame featured profile on this 2014 Inductee, including how one university is putting his vision to practice in an experimental MOOC and associated Engelbart Scholar Award program.

Oregon students win history honors, heading for nationals,
The Oregonian, April 22, 2015
Twenty-four Oregon students advance to the nationals in Washington DC for their outstanding presentations on Leadership & Legacy in last Saturday's Oregon History Day, including Junior Level contestant Zaidie Long of ACCESS Academy in Portland, who presented her documentary: "Douglas Engelbart: Man Behind the Technological Revolution".

2015 IBM Think Poster features Doug Engelbart,
April 24, 2015
"Payoff will come when we make better use of computers to bring communities of people together and to augment the very human skills that people bring to bear on difficult problems." -- Douglas Engelbart, 2002, from his paper Improving Our Ability to Improve: A Call for Investment in a New Future. For background see IBM Invite You to Think.

The Musical 'The Demo' at Stanford Recreates the Dawn of the Digital Age,
New York Times, March 25, 2015
"In December 1968, the computer scientist Douglas Engelbart sat on a stage here and introduced the world to modern computing... On April 1, the composers Ben Neill and Mikel Rouse will perform their new musical theater work based on the Demo." See our blogpost 'The Demo' now an avant garde opera at Stanford for highlights and links.

Computer History Museum Presents: Walter Isaacson on 'The Innovators',
Walter Isaacson discusses his latest book, "The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution." features Doug Engelbart and others; Watch complete KQED broadcast.
  The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster (2014)
  Book explores history of digital revolution, Economic Times, Dec 2014

Doug Engelbart using mouse and keyset circa 1968

Of mice and Men,
99%Invisible (podcast and article), Jan 20, 2015
A Radio Show about Design with Roman Mar - this episode explores the Keyset invented by Doug Engelbart. "If you are looking at a computer screen, your right hand is probably resting on a mouse.. moving back and forth from keyboard to mouse. .... There is another way..." See also more background and archive photos.

Engelbart Scholar Awardees

VCU launches MOOCs,
Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 2, 2014
Vice Provost Gardner Campbell at Virginia Commonwealth University is teaming with other professors and other universities, and joined forces with Christina Engelbart at the Doug Engelbart Institute to design a collaborative MOOC plus the all new Engelbart Scholar Award; See also more background and photos.

Internet Hall of Fame Announces 2014 Inductees,
Internet Society, April 8, 2014
The Internet Hall of Fame welcomes 2014 Inductees at ceremony in Hong Kong... For his visionary work related to networking and the foundations of the information age, Doug Engelbart was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. Further details see Doug Engelbart inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

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"If the name Douglas C. Engelbart ever comes up on TV's Jeopardy game show, the question doubtless will have been: "Who invented the computer mouse?" In fact, that's hardly Engelbart's only claim. [...]

Ask Engelbart, and he says his life's work is about an even more audacious goal: trying to figure out ways to help the human race solve its increasingly complex problems..."

– Source: A man, a mouse, a mission. By Peter Burrows, Business Week, November 2, 2004.

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