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The Doug Engelbart Institute is proud to showcase these creative and insightful works by students, and to recognize their instructors who provided inspiration in an enabling venue. Our inspiration for this portal page came from friend and colleague Professor Gardner Campbell who wrote in a recent tribute to Doug Engelbart: 1a

"it is good also to see and remember what school at its best can be, and is: a means of augmenting human intellect, a place for bootstrapping, a place for hearts and minds to work and play together..." read more

Our first showcased student project, Philip's Video Project (below), was produced by one of Dr. Campbell's first-year Honors students at Baylor for his course From Memex to YouTube.

See also our University Showcase for more on the professors and their courses, as well as our Just for Kids corner for the kid in all of us. 1b

Gallery 2

Screenshot from video
Freshman Philip Heinrich's video
"The Mother of All Demos:
An Animated Commentary"
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Grad Student Christine Rosakranse's Essay
"Douglas Engelbart: Augmenting Human Intellect and Bootstrapping"
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College Level 3

Philip's Video Project 3a

Title: The Mother of All Demos:
An Animated Commentary

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Screenshot from video
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By: Philip Heinrich, Freshman, Baylor University, Spring 2009
Major: University Scholars, Film & Digital Media
Course: From Memex to YouTube: An Introduction to New Media Studies
Assignment: Course and assignment described
Instructor: Dr. W. Gardner Campbell (blog)
Excerpts: From Philip's Project Writeup:
"My solution was to try for a little bit of technical introduction to demonstrate how Engelbartís system was similar to what we have today, but focus on the goals behind his work, something thatís important to emphasize because our use of computers has yet to reach the potential Engelbart had in mind. [...] If my video gets anybody interested in learning more about what Engelbart was talking about, then the (external, non grade-based) purpose of the video has been achieved." read more

Press Coverage: Philip's project garnered some much deserved press! See Student’s work recognized by Menlo Park research institute in Baylor Proud (Oct 2009), and Lead innovator recognizes student in The Lariat (Oct 2009)

Graduate Level4

Christine's Essay 4a

Title: Douglas Engelbart: Augmenting Human Intellect and Bootstrapping
By: Christine Rosakranse, Graduate Student, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Fall 2009
Screenshot from  blog
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Program: Master's in Human-Computer Interaction
Course: Theory and Research in HCI
Assignment: Short Historical Perspective Essay
Instructor: Professor Nathan G. Freier
Excerpts: From Christine's Essay:
"As coined by Engelbart, organizations can improve the process they use for improvement, thereby iteratively compounding the effect. As a goal for HCI, iterative progress towards making information more usable, intuitive, and effective would be the perfect compliment to Engelbart’s dream." read more

See also Christine's work on:
Augmenting Human Compassion, which expands on the concluding statement of her showcased essay:
"It seems that intellect’s final compatriots would be responsibility and compassion, and if this has not yet been addressed, perhaps it will be in the next iteration."

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Salient Quotes

"My solution was to [...] focus on the goals behind his work, something thatís important to emphasize because our use of computers has yet to reach the potential Engelbart had in mind."
Philip Heinrich, Honors Freshman, Baylor Univ. Spring 2009

"Doug thought at scale. He understood that a car is not simply a faster tricycle. He had faith that an augmented intellect, joined to millions of other augmented intellects, could clarify individual thought even as it empowered vast new modes of thinking, new modes of complex understanding that could grasp intricately meaningful symbols as quickly and comprehensively as we can recognize a loved oneís face."
Gardner Campbell, Philip's professor

Class Blogs

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