Doug Engelbart created his " 'Paradigm Map' to clarify where thinking needs to shift

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Image of Doug's Bootstrap Paradigm Map
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Doug Engelbart designed a "Paradigm Map" to portray his radically different strategic approach for transforming the organization of the future. A paradigm is a mindset that shapes how we see the world. A paradigm that is outmoded or slow to change can seriously limit an organization's or society's perception of risks or opportunities, or view of what's possible and how to proceed. Each tile on the map identifies a shift in thinking that will be needed for organizations and society at large to fully realize their potential in a future of rapidly increasing uncertainty, complexity, and urgency on a global scale.

The map in Engelbart's slidedeck is interactive. Clicking on a tile elicits highlighting, a summary slide, or detail slides for that topic. Since his Bootstrap strategy is relational, not linear, it helps to watch Doug presenting in multiple contexts for the interplay of concepts to become clear. See below to Watch Doug Presenting and access a generic Slidedeck.

Watch Doug Presenting 2

Watch Doug presenting his visionary strategy and call to action using his Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" - each video below is queued up to begin with the Overview.

In Various Venues 2a

1. Innovation Leadership Seminar
(20 min) Doug with Todd Garrett for his Global Leadership Team in 1998. Overview (@25:50) | Plus detail on Collective IQ | ABC Model | NICs | Augmentation and Co-Evolution

2. IBM New Paradigms Symposium
(4 min) Edited highlights from Doug's presentation at the 1995 IBM Symposium on New Paradigms for Using Computers. Brief Overview (@14:22)

3. UC Santa Barbara Keynote
Doug's keynote at UCSB Glen Culler Honorary Lecture Event in 1995. Overview (@53:04) | Plus detail on Augmentation | Co-Evolution

4. Vannevar Bush Symposium
Doug at the 1995 Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium. Overview (@10:08) | Plus detail on Augmentation | OHS | OHS (cont) | Co-Evolution | BONUS: Q&A | Changing the Research Environment | Dimensional Scaling | See also our video subcollection and notes for this event

5. IEEE Distinguished Lecture
Doug at his IEEE Computer Pioneer Award Distinguished Lecture 1993. Overview (@32:44) | Plus detail on Objective | Capability Infrastructure | Augmentation | ABC Model | Collective IQ (CoDIAK) | "C" Community | BONUS: Importance of Paradigms | Conceptual Frameworks | Dimensional Scaling | Brief History of his Lab | Tricycle-Bicycle Example (see photo)

6. BBN Distinguished Lecture
Doug at BBN's Distinguished Guest Lecture Series and 25th ARPANET anni­ver­sary cele­bra­tion (1994). Overview (@18:20) | Plus detail on Augmentation | Co-Evolution | Investment Criteria | ABC/Bootstrapping | Collective IQ | OHS | NICs | BONUS: Importance of Paradigms | Conceptual Frameworks | Lost Opportunity Cost | Dimensional Scaling

7. Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution
Doug with Jeff Rulifson presenting paradigm highlights at the 1998 30th Anniversary Celebration of their 1968 Demo. See also full transcript of this session, with visuals. Video Contents: Intro (@10:40) | Collective IQ | Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Exploratory Communities (NICs) | Experimental Teams | Frontier Outposts | Examples: High-Performance Support Teams | Current Status | Call to Action | Built-In Scaling Effect | Proven Approach? | Q&A | BONUS: Introducing Doug | Introducing Jeff and the Bootstrap Alliance | Jeff on Importance of Pilots

8. Engelbart's Colloquium - Recap
Session 10: Doug presents a comprehensive tour of the Paradigm Map to conclude his 10-week Colloquium. See also full transcript of this session, with slides. Video Contents: Objective | Collective IQ | Co-Evolution | Capability Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Most Payoff: Improvement Capability | ABC Improvement Model | Collective IQ | Interoperability | OHS | Deployment | Improvement Community (NIC) | Meta-NIC | National Improvement Infrastructure | Global...? | Appeal | Q&A. BONUS: Comment on 'WYSIWYG' | "I know I'm different" and later Typo leads to more re: the Cow | Hoped for Outcome.

Off the Map Overviews 2b

Lemelson-MIT Prize Event
(5 min) Doug summarizes his career and 'unfinished revolution' in his acceptance speech upon receiving the 1997 Lemelson-MIT Prize, which "honors outstanding inventors dedicated to improving our world through technological innovation". Video Content: Overview

CHM/Logitech Tribute
(6 min) Summarizing Doug's career, seminal achievements, and 'unfinished revolution'. Produced by the Computer History Museum and Logitech in 2013 in celebration of Doug's life's work.

NMC Fellows Tribute
(9 min) Vision overview from interview by the New Media Consortium in 2002, beginning with footage from the 1968 demo; no slides used but great coverage of the key topics; excellent intro to Doug's vision.

Visionaries of the Information Age
(20 min) Marc Doyle interviews Doug for this JCN Profiles episode profiling his vision past, present and future; leads with a brief intro and footage from the 1968 demo (skipped in this excerpt). Video Content: Intro | Collective IQ

Deep Dive Workshops 2c

1995 Bootstrap Seminar (Parts 1-2)
An informal half-day seminar presenting the Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" in depth in a small group format with special guests Bill Christopher and Chuck House (NOTE: recording quality is poor, content is excellent). See companion booklet provided to participants, plus our 1995 Bootstrap Seminar home page for complete description, program, slides, readings, and index to video contents.

Engelbart's Colloquium 2000
(Sessions 1-10)
Doug's most comprehensive symposium titled The Unfinished Revolution II covers the same topics in depth, with guest speakers from industry and the public sector discussing how the topics are relevant in their fields of expertise. See our Colloqium website for full program with links to session videos, illustrated transcripts, speakers bios, etc.

1992 Bootstrap Seminar (Sessions 1-12)
This three day management seminar titled Bootstrapping Organizations into the 21st Century predates the interactive paradigm map, but goes into much more detail on each of the topics covered by the map. See our 1992 Bootstrap Seminar home page for complete description, program, slides, readings, and index to video sessions.

Slides 3

Screenshot of title slide
Image of Doug's Bootstrap Paradigm Map
Screenshot of the Map
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View or print the Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" slides:

How to Navigate:

Travel once around the map to traverse the vision highlights, and again to see vision and strategy in greater detail.

Click right-arrow to advance through the slideshow. There are four parts to the presentation:
    Part 1 - basic map (Slide 2);
    Part 2 - overview highlights series;
    Part 3 - detail slides series
    Part 4 - closing summary slide series.
Icons in the top right corner are as follows: Lightning bolt returns you to Part 1 (Slide 2); [2] hotlinks to Part 2; [3] hotlinks to Part 3; [4] hotlinks to Part 4; Home hotlinks to the title page (Slide 1). On Slide 2: If viewing with animation, clicking on any tile animates that tile to accentuate the topic title. On all other map slides: Click any tile on the map to select that topic as follows: Click top of tile for highlights (that topic in Part 2), midsection for detail slide series (that topic in Part 3), bottom of tile for closing summary slide (that topic in Part 3) – from there, right and left arrow will advance from that point on the given series (highlights, detail, or closing summary). Historical Note: In the original presentation developed in Macromedia Director, Doug could switch modes using shortcut keys, and bookmark a slide before jumping away from it to easily return to it later.

Image of Doug's Bootstrap Paradigm Map
Click to enlarge David Gendron's new rendition
See Doug with Jeff and Christina on the 2008 Bootstrap Dialogs Project

History 4

Doug and Christina Engelbart are eternally grateful to David Gendron of Trillium Business Learning, Inc. who conceived, designed and produced this dynamic presentation in the early 1990s as a gift to Doug. Doug used this presentation format in most of his lectures and workshops since 1993. Originally programmed in Macromedia Director, it was later migrated to PowerPoint. As a tribute to Doug on his 80th birthday, David created this new rendition of the paradigm map. The key concepts in this map were conceived by Doug in the 1950s and 1960s, and subsequently iterated and refined through the 1990s.

Further Inquiry 5

  • See also Doug's Vision Highlights, the Driving Vision section on our website's main menu, and our Video Archive Collection.

  • For more in-depth study, refer to the 2008 The Bootstrap Dialogs - raw footage from four half-days of filming Doug, Jeff Rulifson and Christina Engelbart discussing Doug's Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" in-depth among themselves. This is not a seminar, just a chance to walk through the material to capture the key concepts in greater detail than was possible in a typical seminar format.