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Jerome C. Glenn,
Executive director for the American Council for the United Nations University. 1.*

Jerome C. Glenn [Jerry] is the executive director for the American Council for the United Nations University, co-directs its Millennium Project on global futures research, has 30 years experience in futures research with governments, corporations, and international organizations, has written 70 articles and authored, edited, or co-authored seven books on the future. He was the deputy director of PfP International, involved in micro-enterprise in 26 developing countries and founded CARINET the Third World computer network in 1983 (now owned by CGNET). He also invented the "Futures Wheel" forecasting technique and Futuristic Curriculum Development, was instrumental in SALT II section that banned first space weapon (Soviet FOBS); named by Saturday Review as among the most unusually gifted leaders of America for his pioneering work in tropical medicine, future-oriented education, and participatory decision-making systems in 1974; was instrumental in naming first space shuttle the Enterprise; and is a leading boomerang stunt man. 2

The Millennium Project is the first example of the globalization of futures research. It is an inter-institutional, multi-disciplinary, and international participatory think tank of 550 futurists, scholars, and policy makers in 50 countries who work for UN organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and universities. 3

The project produces an accumulative assessment of global change, the annual "State of the Future" report and special studies for consideration in policy, advanced training, education, and for systematic feedback for accumulative wisdom. It interconnects global and local perspectives through its nodes (groups of institutions and individuals) in eleven cities around the world. It is sponsored by UN organizations, governments, corporations, and private foundations. 4

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