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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"

Fall 2008
Video recordings of sessions
Watch all ten sessions on YouTube -- originally hosted at the Stanford University Center for Professional Development website.  1

Fall 2000
Colloquium session transcripts
Stanford University staff arranged for typed transcripts of each Colloquium session. The task of transcribing oral presentations can be very daunting. Transcribers are at the mercy of audio quality and unseen interactions inside the auditorium where the lectures took place. Moreover, they may not be familiar with the subjects discussed. And, clearly, where speech is complemented by bodily expressions, transcripts fail.
See edited transcripts corrected for spelling and punctuation, as well as with graphics and tables added. Below is a listing, both in .html and .rtf formats, of the original unedited transcripts:

HTML:  Session 1 / Session 2 / Session 3 / Session 4 / Session 5 / Session 6 / Session 7 / Session 8 / Session 9 / Session 10.  3A

RTF:  Session 1 / Session 2 / Session 3 / Session 4 / Session 5 / Session 6 / Session 7 / Session 8 / Session 9 / Session 10.  3B

Fall 2000
Opinion surveys
Participants in the Colloquium, "The Unfinished Revolution - II," were asked to fill out a survey form after each session. Upon returning the completed questionnaire, they received a document showing a summary of the results received by the surveyor up to that point in time. Below are links to the surveys. The survey named Colloquium A was mailed out to those who attended the entire colloquium. The survey named Colloquium B was mailed out to those who attended part of the colloquium.  2

Session 1 / Session2 / Session 3 / Session 4 / Session 5 / Session 6 / Session 7 / Session 8 / Session 9 / Colloquium A / Colloquium B.  2A

Fall 2000
Photographs of sessions
Colloquium participant William Daul took many photographs during Sessions 5 and 6 of the Colloquium.  5

Session 5 / Session 6.  5A

Fall 2000
Meetings of the OHS Project Team
The Colloquium spawned a team of people who set out to construct a prototype Open Hyperdocument System. Members who are meeting weekly. Meeting agendas, attendances, and minutes (insofar available) are found via the links below. The last regularly scheduled meetings was held on August 10. The meeting after that was held on October 17.  6

March 24 / March 30 / April 6 / April 13 / April 20 / April 27 / May 4 / May 11 / May 18 / May 25 / June 1 / June 8 / June 15 / June 22 / June 27 / July 6 / July 13 / July 20 / July 25 / July 27 / Aug. 3 / Aug. 10 / Oct. 17.  6A

Much of their other discussions are found on an e-group discussion forum Groups discussion forum "unrev-II". Threads of a more technically oriented forum concerning OHS development may be read here. 6B

September 18, 2003
Projects stemming from the Colloquium  7

On-line discussion forums. The Colloquium spawned two discussion forums: unrev-talk and ohs-dev, which may be accessed by threads, by authors and in chronological order. These forums have since been replaced by ba-unrev-talk and ba-ohs-talk, which remained active from 2001 into 2003. See also the Forums section of this Colloquium site.  7A

Open Hyperdocument System. A group of former participants in the Colloquium are currently collaborating toward creating a prototype Open Hyperdocument System (see About OHS). This is an essential piece of work toward completing the still "unfinished revolution." See also the OHS team meeting records (referenced above).  7B

Rhetoricians at a window.jpg
Prototype Open Hyperdocument System
(Jan Steen, Rhetoricians at a window, 1662-66.
Philadelphia Museum of Art).   7B1

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