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Peter Neumann, Ph.D. Computer Science 
Principal Scientist, Computer Science Lab SRI International1.*

Peter Neumann has been in the SRI Computer Science Lab since September 1971. He spent eight years at Harvard (1950-58, received a PhD in 1961). His first computer employment was in the summer of 1953, as a programmer on the IBM Card-Programmed Calculator. The work for his two doctoral theses and various subsequent papers involved initially variable-length Huffman-like codes and later Huffman-style information-lossless sequential coding schemes. 2

Peter Neumann was in (West) Germany for two years on a Fulbright scholar (1958-60), receiving the German Dr rerum naturarum in 1960. This was followed by ten years in the Computer Science Lab at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey (1960-70) -- including extensive involvement in Multics from 1965 to 1969.  3

Dr. Neumann's main research interests continue to involve security, crypto applications, overall system survivability, reliability, fault tolerance, safety, software-engineering methodology, systems in the large, applications of formal methods, and risk avoidance.  4

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