Publications (Summary)

Following is a Summary Listing of publications by Engelbart and his staff. See also our Detailed Bibliography listing complete with bibliographic citations. 0

Articles 1

Articles by Doug Engelbart and his team from 1958 to the present, also known as the Augmentation Papers.1a

  1. Facets of the Technical Information Problem. 1958 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133180,). 1a1
  2. Special Considerations of the Individual as a User, Generator, and Retriever of Information. 1961 [print-version] (AUGMENT,585,) and (AUGMENT,133181,). 1a2
  3. Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. 1962 [ PDF/Print | eReader ] (AUGMENT,3906,). See also our Field Guide to the Report. 1a3
  4. A Conceptual Framework for the Augmentation of Man's Intellect. 1963 [ PDF/Print | eReader ] (AUGMENT,133183,) 1a4
  5. Display-Selection Techniques for Text Manipulation. 1967 [print-version] (AUGMENT,9694,). 1a5
  6. A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect. 1968 [print-version] (AUGMENT,3954,). See also Video of Engelbart's Conference Presentation (aka "Mother of All Demos"). 1a6
  7. Intellectual Implications of Multi-Access Computer Networks. 1970 [print-version] (AUGMENT,5255,). 1a7
  8. Coordinated Information Services for a Discipline- or Mission-Oriented Community. 1973 [print-version] (AUGMENT,12445,). 1a8
  9. Design Considerations for Knowledge Workshop Terminals. 1973 [print-version] (AUGMENT,14851,). 1a9
  10. The Augmented Knowledge Workshop. 1973 [print-version] (AUGMENT,14724,). 1a10
  11. Display Techniques for Interactive Text Manipulation. 1974 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133185,). 1a11
  12. Line Processor -- A Device for Amplification of Display Terminal Capabilities for Text Manipulation. 1974 [print-version] (AUGMENT,20184,). 1a12
  13. NLS Teleconferencing Features: The Journal and Shared-Screen Telephoning. 1975 [print-version] (AUGMENT,33076,). 1a13
  14. A High-Level Framework for Network-Based Resource Sharing. 1976 [print-version] (AUGMENT,34263,). 1a14
  15. User Interface Design Issues for a Large Interactive System. 1976 [print-version] (AUGMENT,27171,). 1a15
  16. The Command Meta-Language System. 1976 [print-version] (AUGMENT,27266,). 1a16
  17. The Design and Implementation of DAD, A Multiprocess, Multimachine, Multilanguage Interactive Debugger. 1977 [print-version] (AUGMENT,29079,). 1a17
  18. A Software Engineering Environment. 1977 [print-version] (AUGMENT,29292,). 1a18
  19. Toward Integrated, Evolutionary Office Automation Systems. 1978 [print-version] (AUGMENT,71279,). 1a19
  20. Evolving the Organization of the Future: A Point of View. 1980 [print-version] (AUGMENT,80360,). 1a20
  21. Toward High-Performance Knowledge Workers. 1982 [print-version] (AUGMENT,81010,). 1a21
  22. Collaboration Support Provisions in AUGMENT. 1984 [print-version] (OAD,2221,). 1a22
  23. Authorship Provisions in AUGMENT. 1984 [print-version] (OAD,2250,). 1a23
  24. Workstation History and The Augmented Knowledge Workshop. 1986 [print-version] (AUGMENT,101931,).
    Republished as The Augmented Knowledge Workshop in "A History of Personal Workstations," Adele Goldberg [Ed].
    See also Video of Engelbart's Presentation at the Conference. 1a24
  25. Working Together. 1988 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133186,). 1a25
  26. The Augmentation System Framework. 1988 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133187,). 1a26
  27. Bootstrapping and the Handbook Cycle. 1990 [print-version] (AUGMENT,132418,). 1a27
  28. Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System. 1990 [print-version] (AUGMENT,132082,). 1a28
  29. Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware. 1992 [print-version] (AUGMENT,132811,). 1a29
  30. Toward Augmenting the Human Intellect and Boosting our Collective IQ. 1995 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133188,). 1a30
  31. Dreaming of the Future. 1995 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133189,). 1a31
  32. Bootstrapping Our Collective Intelligence. 1999 [eReader|pdf]. 1a32
  33. Improving our ability to improve: A call for investment in a new future. 2002 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133320,). Abridged 2nd Edition: Improving our ability to improve: A call for investment in a new future. 2003 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133321,). 1a32
  34. Augmenting Society's Collective IQs. 2004 [print-version] (AUGMENT,133319,). 1a33

Books 2

Special bound collections of Engelbart's articles and management seminar courseware:2a

  1. The Augmentation Papers - A Collection since 1960. 1994. Articles #1-29 above. [print-version] 2a1
  2. Boosting Our Collective IQ: A Selection of Readings. 1995. 31 pages. [print-version] (AUGMENT,133150,). 2a2
  3. COURSEWARE: Boosting Collective IQ. 1994. 122 pages. [print-version] Accompanying video: 1995 Management Seminar. 2a3
  4. COURSEWARE: Bootstrap Seminar Binder. 1992. 316 pages. [print-version] Accompanying video: 1992 Bootstrap Seminar. 2a4

See Engelbart Books for a complete, illustrated listing of books by Engelbart, and by others featuring Engelbart.2b


Doug delivered many of the above papers at conferences, a select few presentations were captured on film or video: 3a

  1. Watch A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect. 1968
    (aka "The Mother of All Demos" - see event site for highlights, etc.)
    - companion to Article #6 above 3a1
  2. Watch The Augmented Knowledge Workshop. 1986.
    (visit event site for chapterized version, Doug's slides, etc.)
    - companion to Article #24 above 3a2
  3. Watch Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware. 1992.
    (visit the Engelbart Academy for chapterized version, Doug's slides, etc.)
    - companion to Article #29 above. 3a3

Video collections of Engelbart's talks and interviews are also now available online:
On Bootstrapping the Future: The Engelbart Academy
General: DEI on YouTube | Engelbart Videography | Key Events | Internet Archive - The Doug Engelbart Collection 3b

White Papers4

Select thinkpieces and proporals by Engelbart not listed above:4a

  1. Computers and the Challenges of Man. 1961. [print-version] (AUGMENT,133400,). 4a1
  2. Bootstrapping Organizations into the 21st Century - A Strategic Framework. 1991 [print-version] (AUGMENT,132803,). 4a2
  3. Augment's Support of Organizations - A Brief History. 1991 by DLS [e-reader view] (AUGMENT,132865,). 4a3
  4. Technology Template Project - OHS Framework. 1998 (ALLIANCE,980,). 4a4
  5. A Draft OHS-Project Plan. 2000 (BI,2120,). 4a5
  6. Enhanced a2h: Moving AUGMENT files and browsing functionality onto Bootstrap Web. 2001 (BI,2220,). 4a6
  7. Converging Technologies for Enhancing Human Performance: Science and Business Perspectives. 2003, with Jim Spohrer. 4a7

Reports & Proposals 5

Historic Legacy - select historic reports and proposals by Engelbart: 5a

  1. Microelectronics and the Art of Similitude, 1959. 5a1
  2. Program On Human Effectiveness. 1961. [print-version] (AUGMENT,133401,). 5a2
  3. (Duplicate from Articles above) Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. 1962 (AUGMENT,3906,). 5a3
  4. Computer-aided display control - Final Report. 1965. 5a4
  5. Human Intellect Augmentation Techniques - Final Report. 1968 (SRI-ARC Catalog Item 3562) [print-version] 5a5
  6. More misc historic selections archived at Stanford MouseSite; Internet Archive; NASA Publications; DARPA; ERIC Archives; Bitsavers sri::arc. 5a6

Additional Materials6

  1. See our Field Guide to the Augmenting Human Intellect Collection, re: above Articles #2, #3, #4, and Reports & Proposals #5. 6a
  2. Works About Doug Engelbart - articles and books by others. 6b
  3. Assorted Augment Tutorials and Userguides. 6c