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"Toward yielding more brilliant outcomes in your initiatives, teams and organizations, leading to more brilliant businesses, communities, and societies, and a brilliant world."

While the opportunities, problems, and challenges we face keep increasing in complexity and urgency on a global scale, finding exponentially more powerful ways to collectively address important challenges is crucial. Organizations, initiatives, regions, and nations that kick into gear on this sooner will likely surpass those that don't in leaps and bounds.

Bootstrapping Brilliance™ is a strategy for getting ahead of this curve, increasing innovation and transformation capacity, while continuously increasing Collective IQ. Five organizing principles offer unique insight, alignment and leverage for yielding more brilliant results at scale, with the potential for unprecedented gains in effectiveness, productivity, competitiveness, and triple-bottom-line success.

1. Network Key Players
      Flesh out your team – ask who else should be on your expedition, part of the solution?

  • Beyond your core team, engage end customers and other key stakeholders.
  • Emphasize diversity of backgrounds and skills, resilient entrepreneurial pioneering spirits
  • Be a networked improvement community (NIC); you are prototyping the organization of the future, the exponential organization or initiative; expect new roles and structures to emerge.

2. Leverage Your Group Smarts
      Equip your network – ask how best to engage, interact, capture, exploit your Collective IQ?

  • Establish how your team/network will leverage its collective ingenuity and follow-through, beginning with shared values, vision, process, and enabling tools that are open and evolvable – this forms your dynamic knowledge ecosystem (DKE), your group brain.
  • Use best of breed open 'hyper' tools (OHS), employ best practices, to increasingly enhance the quality of interactions among your people, knowledge, tools, yielding ever more brilliant outcomes.

3. Target Whole Capability
      Re-envision your intended outcome(s) – which essential capabilities will you improve?

  • Translate your purpose/value proposition in terms of capability, e.g. "are we a phone company or are we in the communications business?"
  • Be all about improving capability; augment don't automate.
  • To design your MVP*: unpack the capability, map its human/tool elements.

4. Accelerate Co-Evolution to speed frontier penetration
      Push out on the frontier further, faster -- How far out can you push, how fast?

  • Iterate your MVP* using lean/agile/design thinking best practices, with special emphasis on co-evolving the human and tool elements to more quickly surface deeper insights to inform next steps
  • Most orgs seriously underestimate the rate and scale of change; get real, aim high.
  • Use pilot expeditions to enhance exploration, accelerate co-evolution, speed frontier penetration.

5. Bootstrap Your ABCs to transform at scale
      How to get the multiplier/scaling effect? Walk your talk to improve how you improve…

  • Map your improvement activities into ABC – (A) business as usual, (B) improving how A work gets done, (C) improving how B work gets done – this is your improvement infrastructure.
  • Start small at C; form a team and network key players into a NIC (see #1), especially including reps from your B activities; research best practices for improving B; iterate on #1-5 to enhance results.
  • Join forces with NICs from other orgs to share in joint research, exploration and pilot expeditions
  • Assess Your 'Bootstrapping Index': The more your target capability helps leverage collective IQ, the more walking your talk will yield a bonus multiplier effect like compounding interest – improving your work product automatically raises Collective IQ at levels A, B, and C, yielding more brilliant outcomes. This is the essence of bootstrapping, your greatest point of leverage.

You can apply any of these five accelerators to any project to improve innovation in that project. The idea is to start small and scale up. Forming or tapping into an initiative to apply all five offers the greatest leverage. In any case, you can greatly extend your own team's Collective IQ by networking with other pioneering teams and initiatives to explore and share results, as in Networked Improvement Communities (NICs), infused with better and better practices and tools. See Your Bootstrapping Brilliance Toolkit for details.


*MVP stands for Minimum Viable Prototype or Minimum Viable Product – a prototype with just enough features to be piloted or sold to get early feedback from real end users or customers.

**Customer – here including all those who are served by your efforts, not just paying customers, but also clientele, constituents, end-users, patients, students, beneficiaries, etc. [read more]