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Re: Towards a Graph API was Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata;mhpurple v0.2 released

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> Consider chunking the project.
> As Kal Ahmed pointed out, the project has layers:
>          various database engines
>          Graph API
>          Wrapper APIs    (02)

I agree with Alex's concern, which echoes Johannes's comments, and I agree
with Jack on this strategy.  We need to be careful to limit the scope of
this effort so that we're not biting off more than we can chew.  I'd start
with the projects I originally listed, plus Murray's Ceryle.    (03)

I'll write up a more comprehensive paper on this later tonight,
summarizing the discussion thus far.    (04)

> Of course, the Wrapper APIs, in some sense, drive the design of the Graph
> API, but it is possible that such drive might only be viewed in an
> evolutionary sense; as wrappers are developed, some pressure will come into
> play for revisions to the graph api.    (05)

Agreed.    (06)

As a first step, it would be great if people published their existing
wrapper APIs.  These can serve as Use Cases that we can use to start
developing the GraphAPI.    (07)

> So, it seems to me that starting with the graph api as an
> "interface-driven" development project would make sense to get started on
> right away.  By "interface-driven" I am saying that there are two
> interfaces involved: GraphAPI, and DataStore.    (08)

Agreed again.    (09)

> Lot of resources? Yes. Parallel processing? Yes, after some discussions
> (IBIS-style?) about the two apis.    (010)

I will summarize and dialog map relevant discussion early and often, so
that we have an up-to-date snapshot of the state of discussion.    (011)

-Eugene    (012)

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