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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Wiki experiences?

 We basically have two different models of how things work:    (01)

 a) Go look at a remote resource
 b) Send the resource to me for me to look at.    (02)

 From the client point of view, the user sees much the same thing.	
 but the organization is focused differently.    (03)

 a) Web pages are basically go look at them. And they are organized
    around the subject matter.    (04)

 b) mail programs are basically the second. And they are organized
    around "what is interesting to me" in time order.    (05)

 By far, email is the place that people get 80% of thier value out of 
 the network.    (06)

 If you remove the assumption that email has to be able to function
 when you are not connected to the network. then you can map
 item (b) into item (a).    (07)

 (note:  this could also work for news)    (08)

 if you now assume that email is really an ordered index that is 
 dynamically updated, which keeps track of my activity with it. And
 keeps all of the "mail oriented" activities managed around it,
 then I think you are correctly on the right track for a new model
 for mail.    (09)

 but... we all care about privacy, and about performance, and about
 offline utilization. so those have to be managed up front.    (010)

Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@sun.com> writes:    (011)

 % cdent@burningchrome.com wrote:
 % > I had a conversation with some friends once, probably last year, where
 % > we discussed that the only thing that _really_ mattered that came out
 % > of internetworked computers was email. This is certainly over stating
 % > the case but I think it is true to say that email is _the_ killer app,
 % > so much so that we've forgotten that it is an application at all.
 % Hmmm.
 % Your message rubbed elbows with Joe's message on
 % and it started me thinking.
 % If I had an special email program that was only good for ba- mailing
 % lists (for now), I wouldn't mind keeping that up as a process on my
 % system, and checking it for email now and then.
 % And if it had an iconized version that displayed a flag when new
 % messages were available, that would be even better.
 % Then we could hack the interface and the functionality all we want,
 % and begin merging the functionality of the data-archive and
 % interactive email.
 % In time, it could evolve into the new standard for message-based
 % communications and knowledge capture.    (012)

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