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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Email and shared space (was Wiki experiences?)

Chris Dent wrote:    (01)

Whenever we start talking about
  IBIS or Concept Graphs or similar things, I start to tune out. Those
  are good systems for well defined domains, but unless I'm
  misunderstanding the many meanings of Open in OHS, defined domains
  is not really the point.    (02)

I'd say it differently: used appropriately, these are good systems for
helping people to
make sense of non-well-defined domains.  Some early work on IBIS, in my
opinion, took a wrong direction in an
overemphasis on design rationale and such constructs, and many people tried
and failed to make it work.
(This may also have been to do with an overemphasis on asynchronous,
individual architectures).
We have been using approaches derived from IBIS and concept-mapping for
many years in many highly 'wicked', open,
and exploratory settings with great success. To me the point is to be able
to move fluidly between poorly defined and
well defined, between unstructured and structured, formal and informal,
etc.    (03)

Al    (04)