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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Email and shared space (was Wiki experiences?)

Chris > Is there an OHS goal statement of some kind?     (01)

there probably are a few, but the one that is most clear to me 
is that it is a tool to allow collaborative work on a single (or closely 
related set) of well defined problem(s). At one level it is a way 
to collect and organize information about the problem but the 
test will be whether the information can be pounded into a 
useable response that actually helps solve the problem.     (02)

> I think hoisting is a crucial feature that is going to be a large
> challenge because it will be difficult to automate, so someone is
> going to need to do it.    (03)

There will be automated helpers, for example a tool that allows 
combined automated and human organizing and visualization 
of the problem and solution space(s), but i think the main brain 
and keyboard work must be done by the collaborators. That 
is, 'somebody' takes the next step by sifting through the data 
in this 'authoring/browsing/referencing/messaging' environment 
to grab the apparently meaningful parts and relationships 
and organize the factoids/items for resubmission to the 
group in a way that helps illuminate or clarify the problem, or 
maybe even provide all or part of the solution to the problem. 
This is the grunt work and the creative work and it won't get 
done by itself or by automated tools except for problems 
that are solvable by machine discoverable algorithms.     (04)

> Could it be linked to the
> footer of mail messages sent out to the list?     (05)

This sort of definition is why a very important component of 
the DKR/OHS is the Goal or Problem statement and definition. 
In a real system, this might be one of the first items entered so 
that it serves as a constant reminder of the objective of the 
system and the collaborators.     (06)

Chris, I like your 'Quantum Superpositions of Information' 
article. I think the integration of the information into an 
understanding of the problem (making the information 
become knowledge), for complex problems means that 
an individual or team team uses creative insight along with 
a toolset focusable on the Goal/problem.      (07)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe    (08)

http://www.hypermultimedia.com/DKR/model2.htm     (09)