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[ba-ohs-talk] Multivalent Browser -- first (again) look

http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~phelps/Multivalent/    (01)

Finally downloaded the latest Multivalent browser.  It needs jdk1.4 (which 
I happened to have, but which Macs don't yet have).  This one works, and 
quite nicely.    (02)

Looking around in the source code, it appears that the Multivalent browser 
is actually an AWT (not Swing!) HTML 4.0 browser with some frills, like the 
ability to open PDF files directly.  That, in itself, is extremely 
important to the eventual development of a HyperScope: now, in theory, you 
won't need a PDF reader to open PDF files.  I opened the entire 570-page 
manuscript for _XML Topic Maps_, the book I edited and which Addison-Wesley 
will publish this coming July!.  It read that 3-meg file just fine.    (03)

Multivalent also appears that you can add annotations to pages, and it 
remembers them.  I added an annotation to a web page, then reopened that 
page and it opened my annotation along with the page.    (04)

Of course, there's that magic Lens, that you can slide all over the page, 
examining everything down (nearly) to the mean free path of ions bouncing 
around on your video display <hehehe>.    (05)

The source code indicates that there is an RTF adaptor ( I successfully 
opened a Word DOC file, with just garbage interspered here and there -- it 
didn't crash).  There's also an SVG adaptor.  I tried opening an SVG 
file.  I think Multivalent crashed.  Not sure, though.  It just went brain 
dead.    (06)

Multivalent doesn't do javascript (at least, it won't open 
http://www.thinkalong.com -- which wants javascript around).    (07)

In any case, with that "free for any use" license, Multivalent, imho, is a 
worthy body of code from which to begin testing HyperScope designs.    (08)

Jack    (09)