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[ba-ohs-talk] Towards a prototype HyperScope

I just downloaded Version 0.5 of X-Smiles (Java, Apache) from 
I have it's sourcecode, and all it's demos (15mb download for that alone!).    (01)

I've been running the online demos.  Rather slow because I was downloading 
the demo zip file in the background (28.8 modem).    (02)

There's an SVG demo of an analog clock running (uses JavaScript inside the 
SVG code).
There's a demo of a form that does calculations, a PIM, an SMIL demo that 
runs a bunch of images by, an applet demo, and a "skins" demo that can make 
the browser look like a PDA, a TV set, etc, and more. There's a screen zoom 
widget so you can zoom in or out (25% to 300%).    (03)

In short, with this all Java browser, you have complete access to XSLT 
(transcoding), XSL-FO, SVG, JavaScript, and Applets.    (04)

It's a fussy browser: won't open pages that have unclosed <meta> tags.  I 
suppose that means its parser is rather strict.    (05)

Now, where does one go from here?    (06)

I imagine that you start with X-Smiles, paste it into a split pane, and 
paste the TouchGraph application in the other half of the window.  Then, 
grab a bunch of stuff from Multivalent so that it can also open zip, pdf, 
latex, and other files, and maybe even that nifty lense and other 
Multivalent features.    (07)

Voila!  HyperScope city!    (08)

Well, a prototype, at the very least.    (09)

Jack    (010)