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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: JoDI: New issue announcement

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Notice the "Douglas Engelbart Best Paper" and "Ted Nelson Newcomer" awards.
Jack    (02)

>(Volume 2, issue 3, March 2002)
>Included in this issue, two award-winning papers from the Hypertext' 01
>SIGWEB Douglas Engelbart Best Paper
>S. R. El-Beltagy, W. Hall, D. De Roure and L. Carr
>Linking in Context
>SIGWEB Ted Nelson Newcomer Award
>A. Miles
>Hypertext Structure as the Event of Connection
>R. Losee
>Optimal User-Centered Knowledge Organization and Classification Systems:
>Using Non-reflected Gray Codes
>Forthcoming: a special issue on Interactivity in Digital Libraries,
>highlighting projects from the US National SMETE (science, mathematics,
>engineering and technology) Digital Library (NSDL) research programme.
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