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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Quantum Topic Maps

Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> What happens when Nikita Ogievetsky (one of the coauthors of my forthcoming
> book _XML Topic Maps_ <Addison-Wesley, July 2002>) combines XTM (XML topic
> maps) with RDF:
> http://www.cogx.com/kt2002/
> This page is his slides from Knowledge Technologies 2002, held last week in
> Seattle.    (02)

Oh, man. I want to hear that talk!    (03)

Did anyone record it? (Slides by themselves make no sense to me.)    (04)

Or can we set up a time/place for her to come give it??    (05)

This is WAY good stuff. I am always interested in approaches that
combine RDF with topic maps. That appears to me to be what we're
all waiting for. I got that concept from the intro, but unfortunately,
I can't ferret out the details from the slides!    (06)